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Terms and Conditions

An error rate of 3% must be factored in for all wheel resprays, repairs and wheel painting services.
We do not and cannot promise a 100% perfect flawless and absolutely immaculate wheel repair finish , therefore by using our service you agree that tiny dust particles here or there or a very small amount of orange peel and other factors beyond a spray painters control which impact a job are the norm and no warranty claim can be made on these grounds.
This disclaimer is in relation to very minor imperfections and anything outside of that is fully covered by a 2 year warranty .

2 year warranty applies to all wheel repairs and resprays which covers you for flaking paint , peeling paint or any defect which was a problem with our workmanship and not caused by an outside factor.

Painting the inside of the wheel

The very inner barrel only gets a basic colour coating. We do not remove existing wheel weight adhesives and we do not do any extensive prep work on the inside barrels

We do not remove the brake calipers

Wheel Buddy and Easy Calipers as advertised paints brake calipers while attached to the car and to the best possible result while they are attached to the car. As such and because spray guns do not work when tilted beyond an angle they are designed to work under , it is possible that some areas of the brake caliper are not fully covered with paint, such as the very back of the caliper ( * not visible sections from normal viewing of the car ).

Collection of Information

Any details you provide to us via this website digital or otherwise may be stored in our database.
We may use these details to provide you important updated information on our business and its offerings.