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Gutter Rash Rim Repair

I’m sure most of us have have had a bad parking moment and damaged or gutter rashed our wheel, maybe we failed to see a pothole and we heard that horrible crunching sound as the gutter or pothole damage destroyed our wheel.
Yes, you've just gouged your alloy wheel rim with grazes and scrapes, possibly even bends and cracks. Gutter-rash can happen unfortunately, and now, getting a wheel fixed professionally is far cheaper than buying a new wheel. A long time ago smaller alloy wheel rims were normal.
The trend toward larger alloy wheel sizes, even on standard family cars, has infiltrated the automotive world, with 18- and 19-inch wheels now most commonly seen on standard run of the wheel family vehicles.
Bigger rims means lower profile tyres, and therefore more chance of the rim being damaged by the gutter.But it is fixable with us.

The Wheel Buddy wheel repair business has been around for more than 10 years and specialises in wheel repair and wheel painting. The company also offers wheel resprays colour change and brake caliper painting to boot.

They can paint your wheels any colour , a popular choice is gloss black wheel respray or black out wheels with black wheel paint.

"What we specialise in is a same day drive in drive out service. We have the cars in here, the wheels are removed, and we paint with 2 pack baked paints back to original factory standard."