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What We Do

gutter rash repair melbourne - alloy wheel repair

Alloy wheel repair and full wheel resprays in Melbourne.

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We Specialize In

  • Gutter Rash Repair
  • Bent or Buckled Repair
  • Damaged Paint on Wheels
  • Colour Fading on Wheels
  • Deep Curb Damage on Wheels
  • Full Wheel Resprays & Colour Changes
  • Custom Finishes , 2 Tone Finishes
  • Panel Repair , Touch Ups
  • Classic Cars and Restoration

We Do Not Fix

  • Cracked Wheels

How it Works

You drop off your car or the damaged wheels to us.

We repair the damage in our workshop and you collect the car same day. We run by appointment, bookings are essential.


Factory 9 / 7 Heatherdale Rd Ringwood 3135

Access by Train
Convinient location for Wheel Repair
**We are conviniently located next to Heatherdale Train Station.

Understanding Alloy Wheels

alloy wheel repair - wheel painting - melbourne

Alloy wheel repair requires understanding of surfaces, metals, materials and their properties.
There are some types of damage which we cannot fix for you such as cracked wheels or wheels with missing sections. We do not concider it to be safe and roadworthy and do not perform repairs on heavy structual damage .

Alloy wheels can come in many types of finishes.
Some of these include - chrome plated, painted , pure alloy , powdercoated, machined and some are combinations of these eg.( shadow chrome, 2 tone etc ).

Each of these has a different process and labour time. We will advise you on what is the best method to repair your alloy wheels when you contact us.

Bent and Buckled Wheel Repairs

buckle wheel

We repair and straighten bent wheels using a specially made piece of machinery.

Bent and Buckled Wheel Repair Info


Chris - Ringwood ( 1 Wheel )

"I was very impressed. I am a very fussy person and I cannot see where the damage used to be."

Helen - Brunswick East ( 2 Wheels )

"Great service, fixed 2 wheels on short notice and the gutter rash is unnoticeable."

Wheel Repair Insight

Why repairing wheels is better than buying new ?