Buckled and Bent Wheel Straightening

bent and buckled wheel repair

Custom Made Wheel Straightening Machine

We have installed a custom made wheel straightening machine to allow us to fix buckled and bent alloy wheels.

How it works

The wheel is measured using an indicator gauge to show the high or low spots requiring bending.
Those areas are then heated up to help mould the alloy, a hydraulic press then straightens the bent sections.
This process is also known as re-rolling a wheel

buckle wheel

Bent Wheels Buckled Wheels / requiring Re-Rolling

If your wheels are bent or buckled or dented they could be loosing air or causing vibration.
It is not possible to balance a buckled wheel and therefore it needs to be straightened first.

Disclaimer / Dangers of Straightening

Any wheel that is sent in for straightening or buckle or bend repair runs a risk of cracking the wheel resulting in a total loss.

PLEASE NOTE: We do try our best and use heat on the wheel to help the alloy bend back into shape so it is very rare to destroy a wheel but with some weaker alloys it does happen. Your chance of loss is roughly 8%.

Video of a Straightened Wheel Being Checked