3 Reason to Fix Your Alloy Wheels

reason to fix your damaged wheels

It is much cheaper

When you purchase new Alloy Wheels you likely will have a different tyre offset.
This means you will also need to buy tyres.
Additionally you are also loosing the use of your current tyres which may have plenty of tread left.

You will maintain your resale value

It is a proven fact that people are more comfortable buying a car fitted with factory parts.
It is much easier to sell a clean un-modified car .
Shiny clean and undamaged wheels present a car that has been well looked after

A perfect opportunity to change the colour of your wheels

If your wheels are damaged you could choose to do a full respray on your wheels in any colour.
Biggest trend at the moment is black wheels, its a great way to give your car a personal touch.
All the damage to the wheels is fixed during the respray process so its a win win.

Maintain the Value of Your Vehicle

Keeping your wheels looking tidy will help with the re-sale value of your car.
Most people purchasing a car look for imperfections to help negotiate a better price.
When there is nothing to fault on a car it holds a higher value during sale and ownership.