Step 1

removing and cleaning alloy wheels

Clean Wheels

The first step of any alloy wheel repair for wheel buddy is to thoroughly clean the wheels to expose all areas in need of attention.

In most cases we remove the wheels from the vehicle for better access.

Step 4

repairing and fine sanding alloy rims and mags

Fine Sanding and Treatment

The next step in alloy wheel repair for wheel buddy is to sand down the wheel with a super fine grit sand paper.

The goal here is to create the smoothest possible surface before any paint application

Step 2

sanding alloy wheels with gutter rash

Hard Sanding

The next step in repairing alloy wheels is to hard sand / machine sand the areas of damage.

This removes surface blemishes and smoothes down hard gutter rash, scratches or dents

Step 5

painting alloy wheels

Paint Application

The wheels are nearly repaired , but before they are done we need to match the exact paint colour of the wheels,

We then spray a primer coat, colour coats and final gloss coating.

Step 3

using a metal compound to repair damaged wheels

*Putty Filler Compound

This step is optional and if the gutter rash is deep or wheel is badly chipped, we apply an resin filler compound to fill the damaged groove.

The sanding process needs to be repeated after this process

Step 6

repairing faded paint and flaking paint on alloy wheels

Baking / Infrared Curing

If necessary we can use our heated spray booth to bake the wheel or use warm infrared light to heat the paint for a faster drying time.

Alloy Wheel Repair Methods

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Repairing Machined Wheels

When repairing machined wheels which have fine CNC lines and a gloss coat on them, we fix the damage using various sanding techniques, after the damage is repaired we buff and polish your wheels to their original finish. This method requires no painting but the repaired area will be slightly noticeable compared to the rest of the wheels.

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Repairing Painted Alloy Wheels

When performing alloy wheel repair on painted wheels we repair all the damage.
In more serious cases we use an alloy compound to fill the deep gashes. We then perform a colour match on the original finish and spray the repaired alloy wheels using various techniques.

Shadow Chrome Repair

Shadow Chrome is a specialty colour which is very difficult to match.

We can repair 95% of shadow chrome wheels to a near perfect matching finish.

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