About Wheel Buddy - Melbourne

alloy wheel repair and a passion for working on cars

Wheel Buddy started from a genuine passion for cars

From being kids tearing apart their cars in a home garage , modifying them with nothing but paperback guides and phone calls to friends and family

The passion evolved into painting small things like mountain bikes then brake calipers, then eventually painting panels and lastly wheels.

After perfecting the craft through lots of blood sweat and tears we were able to restore almost any painted alloy wheel.

Truth be told, Wheels are the hardest thing on a Car to paint well.
The reason being is that they are notoriously covered in grease , road dirt and silicone from tyre shine.
On top of this wheels are never flat, they have shapes and contours which can only be worked by hand.
It requires patience and then some to get a good finish.

Our goal is to provide the most reliable and durable finish to your restored alloy wheels.
We know how expensive it can be to fit out a car with alloy wheels and how equally painfull it can be to see anything on your car damaged.

Our alloy wheel repair service ensures you have a full quote and know your expectations.

Our Equipment and Systems

We have a fully equipped workshop system for wheel repairs.

Main Components:

PPG and Baslac 2k & Basecoat Paint System
Seetal Low Bake Spray Booth Oven
BendPack 5 tonne 2 post Hoist

Air Compressor + Filtered and Refrigerated Air Feed
All typers of Spray Painting Related Equipment
Vinyl Plotter and Cutter for Custom Logo Work

This workshop set up allows us to match any colour during a wheel repair.
This ensures that your wheel repair has a professional and brand new feel

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